Why Our Church

Life without God does not make sense. At Crossway, we strive to understand life from a Biblical point of view.  We understand that life gets messy, that we often make mistakes and come up short. Crossway is a safe place where we come together to work through life together.  We realize that we are all helpers in need of help. Crossway: no condemnation, just compassion.
The mission of our church is to help others find and follow Jesus. If you wish to become a part of our church or a volunteer to help those in need, our community is awaiting you with open hearts.
Come see community like never before
Visit us Sundays at 10:45 AM
and Small Groups at various times throughout the week.
Our Team

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--- Staff

Debra Williford
Les Doyle

---A Message from our Pastor

“Debra and I have had the privilege to serve together for 30 years.  We have been involved in student ministries, Christian Day Schools, Worship ministries and associate pastoral ministry.  We have served in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. In 2001 we moved to Greenville, Texas and served as Senior pastor for seven years before moving to Ft. Worth.  In 2008, we moved our family (Sarah, Jonathan & Becka) to South Fort Worth, where we began serving at Crossway.  Since moving to Ft. Worth our family has grown to include, a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and four grandchildren. 


It is an honor to serve alongside of people who truly have a heart for God and their neighbor.  At Crossway we are working together to help people from all backgrounds, experiences, and walks-of-life to find and follow Jesus. Whether you are just getting started or you have been on the journey for awhile, we invite you to come along and let’s enjoy the journey together.”
– Pastor Dan Williford
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